Day-to-day tasks

Do you feel you are spending too much time on cleaning up your apartment?
Would you wish to have a minion to take care nothing would miss at your place?

Yes, give me that minion!

What do we do?


We do provide cleaning services in Amsterdam and Amstelveen. Just give us a time and a day to do the job, and a minion will be there to clean up your apartment.


Getting cloth to the nearest laundry self-service is time consuming, boring and useless now. You can hire our minion to take care of your cloth

Basic restock

- "Oh no! No more toilet paper, I forgot to buy it again!" - Yes, that happens. But as you hired a minion to take care of the cleaning, never ever again you will miss out simple basic items you need always to have.

Advanced restock

Are you going to throw a party on Friday evening, and do you want to have the stuff at home right after your work without the hassle of going to the queues on Albert Heijn to get 10 beer boxes?

How do we work?

We are on the way to create a minimum viable product, and we would like to invite you to be part of our first pilot.

We have 3 options for you to test our service:

basic matic

Every 2 weeks

2:30h duration (5h / month)

Basic cleaning

Trash removal

up to 3 items auto restock

You define extra services


Every week

from 2h duration (~8h to ~20h / month)

Basic cleaning

Trash removal

Any items auto restock

Bed sheets replacement

Laundry & Ironing

You define extra services

custom matic

You decide the frequency

You define the duration

Basic cleaning

Trash removal

You decide what to restock

You define extra services

Contact us

After you choose the plan above, you can reach us by email or by phone.